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fish replica mounts


Art Xtreme offers a variety of three dimensional works of art created from both natural and synthetic materials.

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Fish Moulding and Replication

We can make a life like replica of your personal best fish and paint it to perfection using airbrush and brush techniques. Smaller species up to trophy snapper and kingfish are our preference and can be incorporated with a 3D background to create an even more unique look.

fish mounts airbrushed to look realistic
Detailed fish replica paint work

3D backgrounds

Marine seascape backgrounds can really make your fish mount even more life like by placing it within a scene it once lived. They can also work well for other specimens like lobster and crabs especially when using three dimensional materials. 3D backgrounds can be done in a number of shapes and styles to match existing and new fish mounts.

Marine backgrounds for taxidemry mounts
3D background painted for fish mounts

three dimmesion sculptured backgraound for fish mounts

Crayfish mount on a natural marine background
snapper chasing softbait riding a wave sculpture trophy

Unique trophy's for competitions and events

If you are planning to create an event that is annual or run one already then Rob can create a one off trophy to suit your theme. The trophy is often symbolic to your competition. Having something original makes the event more unique. We can work with your own ideas or come up with our own to create a unique design that everyone will remember and want to have their name on.

custom made trophys for competitions and events

Create a unique trophy

to symbolize your event!

Sculptured softbait trophy