art, video and adventure
sunset painting on canvas


Working with canvas, ply paper wood and other materials is all part of Rob's art creativity process. Most paintings are done using the airbrush however a mixture of media is something also utilized to create Rob's preferred effect and special piece. Many of the paintings are purchased by art collectors as well as  enthusiasts. Rob has won awards for his paintings in New Zealand.

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fantasy art painting on canvas
new zealand theme painting on canvas
marine theme oil painting
New Zealand ethnic theme marine painting

Mixed media fantasy art
airbrushed wave painting on canvas
wave painting airbrushed on canvas

art on canvas
sea painting on canvas
Oil painting with fantasy theme
tribal New Zealand art painting
painting of river on canvas

fish art painted on canvas
biomechanical art on canvas
beach and wave painting on canvas
NZ native marine theme painting
water art painted on canvas
seahorse painting on canvas
water painting
snapper painting with shell frame
john dory airbrushed painting on canvas
New Zealand marine fantasy art