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water painting airbrushed on canvas


One of Rob Fort's greatest passions is fishing, diving, boating and kayaking. This places him right in the heart of this fascinating environment that is still relatively unexplored.

From paintings on leather to canvas works the images portrayed are directly inspired by spending a lot of time around, in and on the marine world.

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marine painting of gurnard attacking crab
airbrushed wave painting
contempory marine art airbrushed on canvas
marine art using oil paint and airbrushed media
airbrushed whale leather wall hanging

Wave painting
Airbrushed seahorse painting on canvas
painting of marine landscapes
beach and wave painting on canvas

painting of snapper with tribal theme
snapper airbrushed on leather
airbrushed dolphin painting on cavas

blue cod paing on canvas
scallop painting with wave on canvas
New Zealand marine art painting
snapper painting airbrushed on leather
mixed media oil paint and airbrush art
blue wave painting on canvas
marine art painting of john dory
john dory painting on canvas
dolphin art painted on leather
stingray art painting on canvas
wave painting with airbrushed shell frame