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airbrushed indian on leather


Rob first started painting on leather back in the mid 1990's and the results have proven popular with art enthusiasts. 

Most paintings are airbrushed on smaller hides that come from lamb and then suspended from locally sourced drift wood. The combination creates an earthy theme and this has led to a number of different subject matter.

We carry a good range of blank hides and offer a commission service as well as finished art for sale. The examples below are sold and for existing paintings see here

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Indian airbrushed on leather

NZ Kokako bird painted on leather
native indian painted on leather
wolf painting on leather
American indian portrait painting on leather
snapper and paua painting on leather
dolphin airbrushed on leather

airbrushed art on leather
moari portrait airbrushed on leather hide
couger cub airbrush painted on leather
Green tree frog painting on leather hide
Indian portrait with eagle on leather
airbrushed tiger painting on leather

portrait painting on leather
Pair of badgers airbrush painted on leather
marine lighthouse painting on leather
wixard airbrushed painting on leather
Rock band Kiss leather waistecoat painting
NZ native bird painting on leather

dolphin painting on leather
NZ native tui painting on leather
portrait airbrushed on leather
John dory painted on leather
Tiger painting on leather