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Trophy snapper replica made from fiberglass


Rob can make a life like replica of your personal best fish using fiberglass. This creates a strong long lasting replica that is realistic and detailed.

The final step of painting is something Rob does to perfection using airbrush and brush techniques. The finish is like nothing seen before by traditional taxidermists.

The quality of the paint used means your replica fish will last a life time and beyond. painting service for other species like crayfish also available.

Smaller species up to trophy snapper and kingfish are the maximum size Rob prefers to work with.

Have you got a fish or other taxidermist mount like crayfish already? Is its condition looking worse for wear? We can revamp it, most likely to look better than the original.

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snapper mount during paint process

Detailed paint effect on snapper

snapper fish mount by artist Rob Fort

Fiberglass snapper ready for paint preparation