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airbrushed works of art on vehicles with zoo theme


Airbrushing art on automotive parts for cars, trucks, boats, amusement rides and motorcycles has been a passion of Rob's from the 1980's. As a result he has automotive paint experience covering preparation and finish using base coat and 2k paint systems.

These days Rob specializes in airbrushing the art and graphic's only.

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Cars, light utilities, boats and trucks

airbrushed utility truck

Airbrushed Utility truck for Auckland Zoo 2000

airbrushed art on trailer boat

Radical art graphic on the sides of this trailer boat airbrushed in 2010

custom airbrushed car bonnet

Custom airbrush car bonnet 1989

Rob Fort airbrush custom painter

Airbrushing has been at the heart of many works of art produced by Rob Fort

airbrushed art on truck

Commissioned work airbrushed in automotive paint in 1999

trailer boat with airbrushed art mural

Commissioned airbrushed graphics and lettering using automotive paint


Best custom paint at Rotorua Show 1996

This commissioned airbrush wizard and paint won best custom paint at the Rotorua motorcycle show 1996

airbrushed motorcycle tank paint

Airbrushed 1989 including custom pinstripes

The Alien

airbrushed full flame motorcycle

classic Indian motorycle tank airbrushed insignia

Photo top: Titled Fire Lake this wicked custom flame job is airbrushed on a Harley Davidson, completed 1999. Photo above: 1930's Indian tanks with custom airbrushed insignia logo produced 1998

wild horses airbrushed on motorcycle tank
airbrushed panther on motorcycle tank

Airbrushed Panther Commissioned 1991 on motorcycle tank

airbrushed dragon on Harley Davidson motorcycle tank

Photo above: Airbrushed tank commissioned 1999. - Photo left: Commissioned horse scene for female rider 1998

airbrushed art on motocycle tank
custom airbrush paint

Commissioned custom paintwork. Unique colour made personally by Rob and airbrushed bio-mechanic art depicting another world named gas land. The bike featured in a NZ Motorcycle magazine in 1997

biomechanical airbrushed art on motorcycle tanks
airbrushed motorcycle guard

airbrushed art on motorcycle fuel tanks

Custom motorcycle airbrushed art

Other Objects

airbrushed elctric guitar

Airbrushed bass guitar commissioned in 2004. Airbrushed art on both front and rear areas. The paint was done using 2k clear and low emission base coat.

airbrushed art on guitar

cheeky little devil airbrushed on guitar
airbrushed snow board

Snow board, view one commissioned 1998

airbrushed snow board

View two with board alternated Airbrushed