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Nature painting depicting water and its life


Large scale paintings (murals) can be produced on site using existing wall space or panels that allow easy installation and removal.

Rob uses a combination of techniques and media to create these works of art.

Photo right: Mural painted directly on art board for water purifying store Wellington.

Photo/s left and below left to right: Large mural spanning around five walls eighteen meters and high stud.

large dragon wall mural
large mural of a waterfall with dragon behind it

Photos Below: Amusement ride The Ghost

learning center nature mural
large waterfall in childrens learning center
mural art featuring marine underwater scene

The theme was designed prior to installation and is part of a large area on site for the Natural Learning Center New Lynn, West Auckland.

large mural ocean art scenery

Photos below left to right: Amusement ride The Ghostrider. The entire job was airbrushed in 2000 using Dupont automotive paints and measured twelve by four and a half meters. It took around two and a half weeks including preparation and clearcoat.

airbrushed fantasy art on amusement ride
Ghostrider ammusement ride mural

large airbrushed mural on amusement ride
automotive mural on amusement ride
waterfall art airbrushed

Photo left: Waterfall mural on wall of restaurant in Wellington.

Photo right: Airs Rock depicted on large front panel on truck.

Automotive airbrushed art on truck


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