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Rob Fort airbrushing a boat


This form of painting is one of Rob's favourite techniques to use when creating works of art. The airbrushes diversity allows various media to be utilized on a number of different mediums.

Automotive Vehicles and Vessels

From trucks, cars to boats and motorcycles. Our experience using specific paints that are designed to offer durable hard wearing finishes is vast. Rob can airbrush art of your choice to most automotive paint systems including base coat and 2K.  See more 

airbrushed art on leather

Leather - airbrushing leather hides has seen a variety of themes incorporated into them and as a result proved very popular with art fans during the last twenty years since the first productions. Originally Rob started painting lamb hides then mounted them by hanging onto locally sourced driftwood. This has helped to retain an earthy theme which has combined well with native Indians and nature subjects. The subject matter is endless and always evolving. See more


The airbrush is a formidable tool that creates portraits a standard of life like realism and why it is used so often to create them. We can produce a unique piece of art that features your loved one or pet on most mediums including canvas and leather. If you have an idea then Rob can work with you to develop it into that one off painting using an airbrush. See more

huge airbrushed murals


Rob specializes in large scale works of art and has completed a number of airbrushed murals including amusement rides with frontages of over twelve meters. Surface preparation and design is catered to suit individuals requirements. If you have a large wall on your building or backyard it is possible to convert it to suit your business or personal theme. See more


Airbrushed paintings are produced using the highest quality materials that will last for many hundreds of years when cared for properly. Commission your very own airbrushed painting on canvas or collect one of Rob's original works of art currently available. See more

airbrushed canvas painting or marine wildlife